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    Social Studies

  1. A More Perfect Union

    Unit Preview, A New Kind of Government, The Balance of Power
  2. The Rights of the People

    Unit Preview, The Bill of Rights, Being an American
  3. Checks and Balances

    Unit Preview, The Three Branches of Government, Balance of Power
  4. Interpreting the Constitution

    Unit Preview, Amending the Constitution, Interpreting the Law, A Case for Civil Rights
  5. Running for Office

    Unit Preview, The Political Process, Politics and the Media
  6. Division of Powers

    Unit Preview, The Federal System, States’ Rights, Changing Levels of Power
  7. Exploring Other Political Systems

    Unit Preview, Early European Political Systems, Recent Political Systems, The Abuse of Power
  8. Economics: The Basics

    Unit Preview, Scarcity and Choice, Looking at the Resources, Economic Systems
  9. Supply, Demand, and Price

    Unit Preview, The Law of Supply and Demand, How Supply and Demand Affect Price, Competition and Control
  10. Free Enterprise

    Unit Preview, The Basics of Capitalism, Business Finance, The Factors of Production and Distribution
  11. Government and the Economy

    Unit Preview, The Role of Government, Taxation, Managing the Nation’s Economy
  12. The Role of Labor

    Unit Preview, The Labor Force, Trends in Labor
  13. Looking at the Big Picture

    Unit Preview, What Do Economists Do?, A Look Inside Macroeconomics, Interest Rates
  14. International Trade

    Unit Preview, Economic Specialization, The Evolution of U.S. Trade Policy, Issues in Today’s Global Market
  15. Texas TEKS Summary Assessment HS US History

    Texas TEKS Summary Assessment HS US History
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