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  1. Graphs and Statistical Presentation

    Visually Representing Numerical Data, Splitting up the Whole with Pie Graphs, Showing the Overlap with Venn Diagrams, Comparing Categories with Bar Graphs, Seeking Trends with Line Graphs, Showing Orderly Data with Histograms, Functions as Graphs in the Coordinate System
  2. An Overview of Statistics

    Unit Preview, What is Statistics?, What is Probability?, Methods of Collecting, Representing, and Displaying Data, Basic Methods of Describing Data, Basic Methods of Describing Variability
  3. Measures of Central Tendencies

    Unit Preview, Frequency Distribution Table, Summation Notation, and Mean Formula, Geometric Mean, Harmonic Mean, and Weighted Arithmetic Mean, Position Formula and Finding Median in Frequency Distribution Table
  4. Measures of Dispersion (Positions)

    Unit Preview, Data Classification, Range, and Midrange, Quartiles, Deciles, and Percentiles, Boxplot, Interquartile Range, and Midhinge
  5. Graphic Shapes of Data

    Unit Preview, Paired Data Sets and Scatterplots, Correlations, Regression Models and Least Square Methods
  6. Basics of Probability and Counting Methods

    Unit Preview, Fundamental Counting Principle, Factorial, Permutation and Combination, Sample Space, Basics of Probability
  7. Relationships of Probability

    Unit Preview, Probability of Events, Relationships Between Events, Geometric Probability
  8. Conditional Probability and Relationships Between Events

    Unit Preview, Conditional Probability, Independent and Dependent Events, Expected Value
  9. Probability Distribution

    Unit Preview, Discrete Probability Distribution, Mean and Variance of Random Variable, Standard Deviation of Random Variable
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