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    Algebra II

  1. Matrices

    Unit Preview, What are Matrices, Adding Matrices, Subtracting Matrices, Determinant , Solving Linear Systems with Matrices, Summary
  2. Linear Functions

    Unit Preview, Function Notation, Direct Variation, Linear Parametric equations
  3. Exponential Functions

    Unit Preview, Negative and Rational Exponents, The number e, Exponential Functions and Data, Graphs of Exponential Functions
  4. Logarithmic Functions

    Unit Preview, Inverses of Linear Functions, Inverses of Exponential Functions, Exponential and Logarithmic Equations, Using Logarithms to Model Data
  5. Quadratic Functions

    Unit Preview, Simple Quadratic Functions, Parabolas, Quadratic Functions in Intercept Form, Factoring Quadratics
  6. Radical Functions

    Unit Preview, Square Root Functions, Radical Functions, Radical Equations, Complex Numbers, Complex Plane
  7. Polynomial and Rational Functions

    Unit Preview, Multiplying and Dividing Polynomials, Graphs of Polynomial Functions, Cubic Equations, Zeros of Polynomial Functions, Inverse Variation
  8. Sequences & Series

    Unit Preview, Arithmetic and Geometric Series, Recursion, Sums of Arithmetic Series, Sums of Geometric Series
  9. Discrete Mathematics

    Unit Preview, Graphs and Dipgrahs, Permutations, Combinations, Pascal's Triangle
  10. Probability

    Unit Preview, Multiple Events, Conditional Probability, Binomial Distributions, Normal Distributions, Probability Data Plots, Dependent & Independent Variables
  11. Trigonometric Functions

    Unit Preview, Sine and Cosine and the Unit Circle, Radians, Amplitude and Period, Tangent Function
  12. Texas Summary Assessment Algebra 2 [STAAR PREP]

    Texas TEKS Summary Assessment Algebra 2
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