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    Language Arts

  1. Word Analysis, Fluency and Vocabulary Development Grade Part 4

    Analogies, Literal and Figurative Meaning of Words, Denotative and Connotative Meaning
  2. Narrative Analysis Part 1

    Unit Preview, How to Reach Rhetorical or Aesthetic Purposes, Evoking Readers' Emotion, Genres and Tradition in American Literature
  3. Writing Applications Part 4

    Unit Preview, Write Fictional Narratives, Write Reflective Compositions, Write Job Applications and Resumes
  4. Research and Technology Part 3

    Unit Preview, Develop Presentations Using Appropriate Research Methods, Systematic Strategies to Organize and Record Information
  5. Writing Strategies: Organization and Focus Part 3

    Elements of Discourse, How to Use Rhetorical Devices
  6. Speaking Applications Part 4

    Unit Preview, Deliver Narrative Presentations
  7. Listening and Speaking Strategies: Organization of Oral Communication Part 3

    Unit Preview, How to Achieve Clarity, Force, and Aesthetic Effect, How to Enhance a Specific Tone and Purpose
  8. Listening and Speaking Strategies: Delivery of Oral Communication Part 3

    Unit Preview, Rehearsal Strategies, Performance Details, Command of the Text, Skillful Artistic Staging
  9. Listening and Speaking Strategies: Analysis and Evaluation of Oral and Media Communications Part 3

    Unit Preview, Critique a Speaker’s Diction and Syntax, Logical Fallacies Used in Oral Addresses
  10. Listening and Speaking: Comprehension Part 3

    Strategies Used by the Media
  11. Texas TEKS Summary Assessment Level 3 Language Arts [STAAR Prep]

    Texas TEKS Summary Assessment HS Writing III, Texas TEKS Summary Assessment HS Reading III
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