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  1. Atomic and Molecular Structure

    Unit Preview, Connection Among the Location in the Table, the Atomic Number, and Mass, How to Identify Metals, Semimetals, Nonmetals, and Halogens, How to Identify Alkaline Metals, Alkaline Earth Metals, and Transition Metals, Lanthanide, Actinide, Transactinide, and Transuranium Elements, Ionization Energy, Electronegativity, Relative Sizes, How Many Electrons Can Bond?, Size and Mass, Location and Quantum Electron Configuration
  2. Atomic Models

    Unit Preview, Thompson's Model, Rutherford's Model, Millikan's Experiment, Einstein's Explanation of the Photoelectric Effect, Quantum Theory - Bohr's Model, Spectral Lines and Electron Transition
  3. Conservation of Matter and Stoichiometry

    Unit Preview, Descriptions of Chemical Reactions and Writing Chemical Equations, Mole Theory and Molar Mass, Reactant and Product Mass Calculations, Percent Yield Calculations in Chemical Reactions, Oxidation and Reduction
  4. Chemical Bonds

    Unit Preview, Covalent, Metallic or Ionic Bonds, Chemical Bonds in Molecular Atoms, Salt Crystals, How Atoms and Molecules Move in Liquid, Lewis Dot Structure and Molecular Shape, Electronegativity, Ionization, and Bond Formation, Van Der Waals Forces
  5. Gases and Their Properties

    Unit Preview, Gas Pressure, Gas Diffusion, Gas Law, Standard Temperature and Pressure, Celsius and Kelvin Scales, Kinetic Theory of Gases, Ideal Gas Law, Dalton's Law
  6. Acids and Bases

    Unit Preview, Properties of Acids, Bases and Salt Solutions, Dissociation, pH, Base Definitions, pH and Hydrogen-Ion Calculations, Buffers
  7. Solutions

    Unit Preview, Solute and Solvent, Dissolving Process at the Molecular Level, Concentration Calculations, Concentration and Some Physical Properties, Chromatography and Distillation
  8. Energy Exchange during Reactions

    Unit Preview, Heat Flow and Molecule (Atomic) Motion, Exothermic and Endothermic Reactions, Freezing, Evaporating and Melting, Problems Involving Heat Flow, Hess' Law, Gibbs Free Energy Equation
  9. Reaction Rates

    Unit Preview, Rate of Reaction, Concentration, Temperature and Pressure, Catalysts, Activation Energy
  10. Chemical Equilibrium

    Unit Preview, Le Chatelier's Principle, Equilibrium, Equilibrium Constant Calculation
  11. Organic and Biochemistry

    Unit Preview, Polymers, Carbon Bonding Characteristics, Amino Acids and Proteins, Naming of Linear Hydrocarbons and Isomers, Functional Groups, R-Group Structure
  12. Nuclear Processes

    Unit Preview, Nuclear Forces, Energy Release in Nuclear Fusion, Naturally Occurring Isotopes, Three Common Forms of Radioactive Decay, Radiation, Radioactive Substance Calculations, Quarks
  13. Texas TEKS Summary Assessment Chemistry

    Texas TEKS Summary Assessment Chemistry
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