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    Language Arts

  1. Structure of Informational Materials Part 2

    Prepare Bibliography Reference Materials, Features and Rhetorical Devices of Public Documents
  2. Writing Strategies: Organization and Focus Part 2

    Active Voice, Summary
  3. Written and Oral English Language Conventions: Grammar and Mechanics of Writing Part 2

    Appropriate Manuscript Requirements, Demonstrate the Understanding of Proper English Usage and Grammar
  4. Research and Technology Part 2

    Use Information from Multiple Sources and Integrate Quotations and Citations, Appropriate Conventions for Documentation
  5. Writing Applications Part 4

    Write Expository Compositions, Write Business Letters, Write Technical Documents
  6. Evaluation and Revision Part 2

    Revise Text to Highlight the Individual Voice, Improve Sentence Variety and Style, Summary
  7. Literary Criticism Part 2

    Connection Between Themes and Historical Periods, Philosophical Approach
  8. Listening and Speaking: Comprehension Part 2

    Compare and Contrast Media Coverage of the Same Event
  9. Speaking Applications Part 3

    Oral Responses to Literature, Descriptive Presentations, Deliver Multimedia Presentations, Summary
  10. Listening and Speaking Strategies: Organization of Oral Communication Part 2

    Elements of Classical Speech Forms, Summary
  11. Listening and Speaking Strategies: Analysis and Evaluation of Oral and Media Communications Part 2

    Analyze the Type of Arguments the Speaker Uses, Aesthetic Effects of a Media Presentation
  12. Informational Text Analysis

    Unit Preview, Researching an Argument, Evaluating Information, Analyzing Historical Accounts
  13. Listening and Speaking Strategies: Delivery of Oral Communication Part 2

    Enhancing the Appeal and Accuracy of a Presentation, Concise Notes, Summary
  14. Texas TEKS Summary Assessment Level 2 Language Arts [STAAR Prep]

    Texas TEKS Summary Assessment HS Reading II, Texas TEKS Summary Assessment HS Writing II
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