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    Algebra I

  1. Definitions and Properties

    Unit Preview, Variables and Expressions, Open Sentences, Distributive and Additive Identity, Multiplicative Identity Property and Properties of Equality, Commutative and Associative Property
  2. Rational Numbers

    Unit Preview, Integers and the Number Line, Adding and Subtracting Integers, Inequalities and the Number Line, Comparing and Ordering Rational Numbers, Dividing Rational Numbers
  3. Equations

    Unit Preview, Solving Equations by Addition and Subtraction, Solving Equations by Multiplication and Division, Solving Equations Using Several Operations, Summary
  4. Using Rational Numbers

    Unit Preview, Ratios and Proportions, Direct and Inverse Variation
  5. Inequalities

    Unit Preview, Solving Inequalities by Addition and Subtraction, Solving Inequalities by Multiplication and Division, Inequalities with Several Operations, Absolute Value Inequalities
  6. Monomials and Polynomials

    Unit Preview, Multiplying and Dividing Monomials, Polynomials, Adding and Subtracting Polynomials, Dividing Polynomials
  7. Factoring

    Unit Preview, Factors and Greatest Common Factors (GCF), Factoring with the Distributive Property, Factoring by Grouping, Factoring Trinomials, Factoring Differences of Squares, Perfect Square Factoring
  8. Working with Rational Expressions

    Unit Preview, Simplifying Rational Expressions, Rational Expressions with Like & Unlike Denominators, Mixed Expressions and Complex Fractions, Solving Rational Equations
  9. Number Relations

    Unit Preview, Ordered Pairs, Equations as Relations, Functions, Determine the Equation from a Relation
  10. Graphing Linear Equations

    Unit Preview, Slope of a Line, Slope Intercept Form of Equations, Midpoint of a Line Segment, How to Use Graphs
  11. Systems of Equations

    Unit Preview, Graphing Systems of Equations, Substitution, Elimination, Graphing Systems of Inequalities
  12. Radicals

    Unit Preview, Square Roots, Real Numbers, Simplifying Square Roots, Adding and Subtracting Radical Expressions, Radical Equations
  13. Quadratics

    Unit Preview, Graphing Quadratic Functions, Solving Quadratic Equations by Graphing, Completing the Square, Quadratic Formula, Discriminant, Sum and Product of Roots
  14. Texas Summary Assessment Algebra 1 [STAAR PREP]

    Texas TEKS Summary Assessment Algebra 1
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