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    Language Arts

  1. Word Analysis, Fluency and Vocabulary Development Part 3

    Unit Preview, Etymology and Origins of Words, Greek, Latin, and Anglo-Saxon Roots and Affixes, Greek, Roman, and Norse Mythology, Summary
  2. Structure of Informational Materials Part 1

    Unit Preview, Structure and Format of Functional Documents
  3. Writing Strategies: Organization and Focus Part 1

    Unit Preview, Essay Structure
  4. Written and Oral English Language Conventions: Grammar and Mechanics of Writing Part 1

    Unit Preview, Identify Correctly Used Clauses, Understand Sentence Construction, Summary
  5. Research and Technology Part 1

    Unit Preview, Suitable Research Methods, Develop Main Ideas within the Body of the Composition
  6. Writing Applications Part 3

    Unit Preview, Write Responses to Literature, Write Biographical or Autobiographical Narratives, Write Persuasive Compositions, Summary
  7. Evaluation and Revision Part 1

    Unit Preview, Revise Writing to Improve the Logic and Coherence
  8. Literary Text Analysis

    Unit Preview, Characters Traits, Literary Devices, Ambiguities, Subtleties, Ironies, Describe the Functions of Soliloquies, Asides, Summary
  9. Literary Criticism Part 1

    Unit Preview, Evaluation of Aesthetic Qualities
  10. Listening and Speaking: Comprehension Part 1

    Unit Preview, Form Judgments About the Ideas Under Discussion
  11. Speaking Applications Part 2

    Unit Preview, Deliver Reflective Presentations, Deliver Oral Reports on Historical Investigations, Recite Poems, Selections from Speeches, or Dramatic Soliloquies, Deliver Expository Presentations
  12. Listening and Speaking Strategies: Organization of Oral Communication Part 1

    Unit Preview, Logical Patterns of Organization, Appropriate Techniques for Developing the Introduction and Conclusion
  13. Listening and Speaking Strategies: Analysis and Evaluation of Oral and Media Communications Part 1

    Unit Preview, Analyze Historically Significant Speeches, How Language and Delivery Affect the Mood and Tone of Oral Communication, The Clarity, Quality, Effectiveness, and General Coherence of the Speaker’s Points
  14. Listening and Speaking Strategies: Delivery of Oral Communication Part 1

    Unit Preview, How to Present a Clear Thesis Statement, Audience Analysis
  15. Texas TEKS Summary Assessment Level 1 Language Arts [STAAR Prep]

    TEKS Summary Assessment HS Reading I, Texas TEKS Summary Assessment HS Writing I
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